Q-iRose Assortment


Q-iRose Assortment

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Click on the picture to download the file

Q-iRose® is the Trademark for a unique series of new and improved genetics within the Rose assortment and this unique Q-iRose® series is only introduced to top professional growers around the world.

The efforts behind and the final selection of the Q-iRose® assortment is based on a wide range of requirements and expectations - commercially as well as for the end consumer. To target and focus on achieving these goals we have highlighted 4 focus areas, we are sure you will recognize in our Roses;

  • Longer lasting varieties - where the main target is beauty and longer lasting flowers.
  • Small flowering varieties - where our main target has been beauty and rich and more flowering plants. This is our main focus for the 5½ to 10cm pots.
  • Big flowering varieties - where the main target is beauty and bigger flowers. Which is our main focus for the 10 to 17cm pots.
  • Roses for inside and out - where the main target is beautiful outdoor suitable varieties. To achieve this goal, Q-genetics® has built a large outdoor testing garden - where all varieties are tested.

The Roses shown in our catalog are carefully selected between 20.000 to 25.000 unique seeds that  Q-genetics® brings to flower every year. These huge numbers are required to have enough Rose genetics to choose from - and to fulfill the requirements and expectations that the team behind the Q-iRose® series demands.

We hope the new and improved series of Unique Miniature Q-iRose® will catch your curiosity.

Our 6-9cm Assortment

Our 10-12CM Assortment

Our 12-17CM Assortment

All Q-iRose® varieties from Q-Genetics® are protected by Breeders Right (PBR) – controlled by RAI®.
Self propagation prohibited!